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Unit Test Framework Manual

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Using the Framework in Test Driven Development

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Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a method of developing code along with automated tests.  Using this approach, you


1.write one or more automated tests that exercises a feature  

2.write enough code so that the feature passes the automated tests the tests until all tests pass

4.clean up the code, while continuing to run tests to insure that a change does not break the code


The Unit Test Framework is designed to support TDD.  You can create test cases and execute them in Studio to exercise code in the Guidewire applications.  You can use Guidewire data builder classes to create test data.


TDD can contribute more to a reliable implementation than any other quality practice.  TDD can follow several patterns, including:


exploratory programming

full coverage component testing

testing as design

end-to-end testing

regression testing


Kent Beck's book [Beck2003] provides detailed examples of test-driven development.