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Unit Test Framework Manual

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Overview of the Unit Test Framework™

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The Unit Test Framework is a set of Gosu classes that provide a testing capability similar  to the JUnit framework.  This Unit Test Framework is useful for creating automated tests of configurations of Guidewire products like ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter.  It is particularly useful when developing interfaces and other substantial amounts of Gosu code.


This manual explains how to obtain the Unit Test Framework, install it, and perform testing.


Writing test cases using this framework requires a knowledge of the relevant Guidewire products and the Gosu programming language.


Using the Unit Test Framework will speed the configuration of Guidewire products and improve the reliability of these configuraitons.


Additional Information

Why Use the Unit Test Framework

Unit Test Framework and JUnit

Unit Test Framework versus GUnit

Getting Started

Writing Test Cases

Using the Framework in Test Driven Development