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Unit Test Framework Manual

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continuous integration

The process of building and testing software whenever a change is made to the code.  The testing usually makes use of automated test.



Comma Separated Values, a file format that can be imported into Microsoft Excel.  The format is textual with values separated by commas.



Behavior Driven Development,  an agile development practice using test-driven development, but working from the outside in by starting with goals and requirements.  Developers work with subject matter experts and other stakeholders to translate requirements into tests.  The tests are named to closely match features identified by stakeholders.



A test function is considered to have ended in an error if the system under test throws an exception.



A test function is considered to have failed if one of the assertions in the test function fails.



Framework for Integrated Tests.



A scripting language developed by Guidewire Software, Inc. and used in configuring Guidewire products. Gosu is based on the ECMA-262 scripting language.


Guidewire Software Inc.

A United States corporation that produces insurance software including ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, and ContactManager.



A JUnit-like framework in Guidewire Studio.



An object-oriented computer programming language.



JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. JUnit has been important in the development of test-driven development, and is one of a family of unit testing frameworks collectively known as xUnit.  Kent Beck, Erich Gamma, and David Saff developed JUnit.



In the Gosu language, a grouping of Gosu classes.



An open source Java library for reading Excel files.



Quality Assurance



An execution environment for running Guidewire products using the H2 database and the Jetty servlet container.  This environment is the one provided when a Guidewire product is initially installed.


regression testing

Tests performed after changes made to software to check that the changes have not broken existing features.  Since regression tests are typically run many times, automated regression tests offer many advantages.



A Java command line program that allows execution of test cases without using Studio.


smoke testing

Smoke testing is the execution of a suite of tests to confirm that the installation of the system is working correctly.  Smoke tests typically are a small subset of the total set of test cases.  However, often a whole set of automated tests can be run.



A software tool developed by Guidewire for customizing Guidewire products and writing Gosu code.



A test function is considered to have succeeded if neither the code under test throws an exception nor an assertion in the test function fails.



Test-Driven Development, an approach to programming developed by Kent Beck.  Using this approach, the developer first writes one or more automated tests that exercises a feature.  Second, the developer writes enough code so that the feature passes the automated tests.  Third, the developer cleans up the code, while continuing to run tests to insure they pass.



Uniform Resource Locator, an identifier for a Web page or Web Service.


Web Service

A capability that allows a client to execute an operation on a server by sending an XML message to the server using the HTTP protocol.



Web Services Interoperability Organization, an organization that promulgates standards for Web Services.  The abbreviation also refers to standards from this organization.



A file format used to group and compress other files.