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GFIT User Manual

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Benefits of GFIT Testing

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GFIT allows fixtures to be written in Gosu.  Gosu has unique capabilities to manipulate Guidewire applications that are not available in other programming languages.  Therefore, fixtures in Gosu can be written more rapidly and have more power than if they were written in another language.  


GFIT performs this testing without having to interact with the user interface.  Although testing through the Web pages is necessary, GFIT testing offers several advantages:


GFIT tests are less likely to require updating as the application evolves compared to tests through the user interface.  The user interface is likely to be the aspect of the application that changes the most during development.


GFIT tests are easier to debug than test scripts operating through the user interface.  Developers can use the Studio debugger to investigate why tests fail.


GFIT leverages the power of Gosu to interact with Guidewire applications.


Execution of tests, including data creation, is much faster that testing through the user interface.  Creation of data that can take hours through the user interfaces can be completed in minutes with GFIT.