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GFIT User Manual

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Limitations of GFIT

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Like any testing tool, GFIT has limitations.  


Obviously, a major limitation is that GFIT cannot be used to test the user interfaces of the Guidewire applications.  It cannot be used to test code in the Guidewire PCF files.  Therefore, other testing approaches, either automated or manual, must be used for user interface testing.


Another limitation is that using GFIT requires the ability to program in Gosu and to understand how to manipulate the entities in the Guidewire applications.  GFIT comes with a number of fixtures and other code that provide examples of how to create, modify, and perform other operations on the Guidewire classes.  However, you may need to extend GFIT beyond the capabilities provided in the release.  Determining how to code these extensions may require some effort.  Some QA departments do not have staff that program or know Gosu.  To use GFIT, you may need to train existing employees or hire new employees or consultants with the required skill. CastleBay Consulting provides training and other support for GFIT.


Like other test tools, GFIT will need to be customized to work with your implementation of the applications.  Various changes to your implementation of the application may break the out-of-the-box code, requiring you to correct or enhance it.