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GFIT User Manual

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What Is GFIT?

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GFIT is a software tool for automated testing of the Guidewire® InsuranceSuite™ applications.  GFIT runs tests by executing Gosu code controlled by tests defined in tables.


GFIT stands for Gosu Framework for Integrated Tests.    GFIT is an implementation of the FIT framework written in Gosu and performs functions similar to the FIT Framework.


GFIT is executed in the Guidewire Studio or from a Java program provided with the framework.  When executed from Studio, it can be used to assist new development.  When executed from the Java program, it can be used to execute regression tests in a shared testing environment.  GFIT can be invoked from the Jenkins build tool, which can report on errors found by GFIT.


GFIT uses include:


creating test data quickly

performing unit tests

testing of interfaces

testing business rules

checking administrative data


As with other tools supporting the FIT Framework, GFIT allows you to create test cases as tables in HTML.  Code called fixtures controls the execution of the test cases in the system under test.  In the case of GFIT, fixtures, written in Gosu, execute the test cases in the Guidewire products.  Unlike most FIT tools, GFIT comes with a set of fixtures that work with the out-of-the-box configuration of the Guidewire products.  Having these fixtures reduces the effort and time to produce fixtures for you configuration.


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