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GFIT Training and Support

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This page lists resources used in training users in GFIT.





Test Case Template


This page is a test case template for preparing GFIT test cases.


Validating Parsers


GFIT requires that test cases are well formed HTML.  GFIT uses the XML parser provided with the Guidewire products.  Unfortunately, this parser provides poor diagnostics if the HTML is not well formed.  You should validate your HTML prior to running them in GFIT.  This be accomplished using an HTML or XML editor that validates the files.  If you are not using a validating editor, you can validate the HTML using an external validator.


W3 Online Validating Parser.  This link points to the W3 online markup validation service.  This validator is a good choice if you cannot install a validator on your computer.




CastleBay Consulting offers training in GFIT.  See the GFIT Fundamentals Syllabus.