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Example LDIF File to Load Groups

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Below is an example of an LDIF file to load groups that will become MongoDB roles.  The distinguished name of the group will be the name of the role in MongoDB.


dn: cn=SecOff,ou=Groups,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

cn: SecOff

ou: Groups

member: uid=ajones,ou=Users,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

description: Users who can administer any database

objectClass: groupOfNames


dn: cn=SysAdmin,ou=Groups,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

cn: SysAdmin

ou: Groups

member: uid=tsmith,ou=Users,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

description: Users who can administer replica sets and shards

objectClass: groupOfNames


dn: cn=DbAdmin,ou=Groups,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

cn: DbAdmin

ou: Groups

member: uid=aroberts,ou=Users,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

description: Users who can administer databases

objectClass: groupOfNames


dn: cn=Dev,ou=Groups,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

cn: Dev

ou: Groups

member: uid=akumar,ou=Users,dc=waysysweb,dc=us,dc=com

description: Users who can develop clients for the database

objectClass: groupOfNames