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MongoDB Notes

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MongoDB Notes Overview

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MongoDB is an open source, non-SQL database database that uses a document-oriented data model.   These notes describe steps to perform various tasks involving MongoDB.  Topics discussed in these notes include:



Authorization and Roles

Encrypting the Database


Digital Certificates

Setting Up a MongoDB Virtual Machine


In addition, these notes describe the use of other tools, mostly open-source, that support working with MongoDB.


The emphasis in these notes is on detailed procedures to achieve the desired configurations.  Specific values, for instance domain names, are used.  You should replace these with the appropriate values for your environment.


These procedures have been tested with MongoDB Version 3.6.  Procedures may differ for other versions of MongoDB.


These notes in no way replace the official MongoDB documentation.  The notes are not comprehensive.  Rather, the notes expand on tasks that in some cases are outside the scope of the MongoDB documentation.




MongoDB Documentation