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Download here




Zip file containing Microsoft OneNote Notebook




This is a OneNote notebook with templates for creating a risk database. The Software Program Managers Network has identified risk management as one of the most important software management practices. Part of risk management is identifying, recording, and tracking project risks.

This template provides a Microsoft OneNote notebook to track project risks. There are two sections, one for active risks and one for closed risks. A third section contains a User Manual describing how to use the template.




1.Download the Zip file from this location.

2.Unzip the file in a directory. A subdirectory called Risk Bench will be created.

3.Launch OneNote.

4.Click on the File->Open->Notebook menu item.

5.In the Open Notebook dialog box, navigate to the directory containing the Risk Bench directory

6.Select the Risk Bench directory.

7.Click the Open button.