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Implementation Compliance

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Implementation compliance means that the software meets the criteria under basic compliance and adheres to implementation criteria below. Implementation compliance focuses on implementing the software in ways that avoid date compliance problems.


If the software uses a database and the database has a date data type, the software stores dates in the databases using the database's date data type.


If the software stores dates in files or transfers dates in other formats, it does so using ISO standard date formats in the form YYYYMMDD where

YYYY is the year including the century

MM is the month ranging from 01 to 12

DD is the day ranging from 01 to the last day of the month.


Years contained in a file, database, or interface have the century specified.


The system requires entry of four-digit years in dates or year data fields. If the software uses a graphical user interface, a calendar widget or control can be used to make data entry easier for the user.


The software supports a Null value for dates when such values are required.


The software does not contain date or year literals unless required to capture business rules.


The software employs a library of routines or a date class for date manipulation, thereby locating date manipulations in one place where their logic can be easily inspected and verified.