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MinGW stands for "Minimalist GNU for Windows."  It can provides many Unix-like command line utilities, for example ls (list files).  For use with Vagrant, you will need the rsync, openssh, and openssl.  The rsync command is used for copy files.  The openssh command is used to contact the shell on Linux virtual machines from Windows.  The openssl command is used to create and manage certificates.


Installation (on Windows 10)


1.Download the MingGW setup executable (mingw-get-setup.exe) from

2.Launch mingw-get-setup.exe.  

3.Follow the setup instructions until the MinGW Installation Manager is displayed.  Be sure to install the programs in the default location.

4.In the panel at the left, select MSYS. (See the figure below.)

5.In the panel at the right, scroll down until the entries for msys-rsync are displayed.



Figure: Screen shot of MinGW Installation Manager displaying entries for msys-rsync bin, msys-rsync doc, and msys-rsync license.


5.Click on the check box next to each of the three msys-rsync entries and select Mark for Installation in the resulting pop-up menu.

6.In the panel on the right, scroll up until the open-ssh and open-ssl entries are displayed.

7.As in Step 5, mark all of these entries for installation.

8.In the menu at the top, select Installation -> Apply Changes.  The Schedule of Pending Actions dialog box is displayed.

9.Click the Apply button.  The installer installs the requested programs.

10. When the installer finishes, click the Close button.

11. Add the bin directory for MinGW (C:\MinGW\mysys\1.0\bin) to the beginning of the Windows PATH environmental variable.


Validating the Installation


1.Launch a command prompt.

2.Enter each of these commands with no arguments: rsync, openssh, openssl.  


Each command should display its usage information.  If you get a message that the command is not recognized, either the command did not get installed or the PATH does not include the location of the command files.


Related Information


The MinGW Installation Manager can be launched again using this command:






Do not install the mysys-base programs which consist of many of the Unix command line utilities.  Installing this package breaks openssh.  If you do install any other MinGW programs and openssh becomes broken, delete the directory where MinGW is installed and reinstall rsync, openssh, and openssl as described above.




MinGW Documentation