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GFIT User Manual

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Release Information

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GFIT User Manual


This manual covers Version 10.03 of GFIT.  October, 2021


Version 10 operates with ClaimCenter 10, PolicyCenter 10, and BillingCenter 10.  Prior versions 8 and 9 are also supported.


GFIT™ is a trademark of CastleBay Companies.


Guidewire®, BillingCenter®, ClaimCenter®, PolicyCenter®, and Gosu® are registered trademarks of Guidewire Software, Inc


Copyright © 2021 CastleBay Companies


Changes In GFIT Version 10


GFIT Version 10 introduces these changes:


It adds support for BillingCenter, including creating payments, disbursements, and other financial transactions.

The packages have been reorganized.

GFIT produces an XML test report following the JUnit schema.  GFIT supports execution from Jenkins.

In ClaimCenter, there are no longer fixtures for creating policies locally.  Fixtures that need policies invoke whatever policy search plug-in is implemented.

The output of the CSV summary file is no longer supported.

This version separates the code into the GFIT framework and the model for the PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter versions.